What is Convoy and can I buy H&H here?

Convoy is a retail collaboration of South African designer's founded by Heart & Heritage designer Lesley. You can shop Heart & Heritage and other top South African designer's at this exclusive retail outlet. Through Convoy we have the ability to work with other like minded designers, elevate our brand and bring our brand to the market in an environment that does justice to our hard work. Find out how to shop from Convoy here.

Can I buy wholesale?

Due to the high intensity of the hand detail driven nature of our work, we don't mass produce or sell wholesale.

How do I wash my hand painted garment?

We heat set our painted garments so they can be washed. Wash separately, on a cool gentle cycle in your washing machine, hang to dry and use a cool iron if needed.

Can you make me a custom design or alter my garment?

We are strictly ready-to-wear only, but if you would like a recommendation of a tailor, please email info@heart-heritage.com.