Heart & Heritage is a lovingly made, Johannesburg produced, women's clothing range. We treasure the detail in our work and find beauty in unique silhouettes and shapes.

We favour working in a subtle colour palette with soft and natural fabrics as our canvas, using hand detailing to add depth to our work.

Shop our collection here and at Convoy, along with other top South African designers.




noun: heart; plural noun: hearts

1. The heart regarded as the centre of a person's thoughts and emotions, especially love or compassion.

2. The central or innermost part of something.




noun: heritage; plural noun: heritages

1. Valued objects and qualities such as historic buildings and cultural traditions that have been passed down from previous generations.

2. Denoting a traditional brand or product regarded as emblematic of fine craftsmanship.

3. A special or individual possession; an allotted portion.


Meet Lesley

"I am the founder and designer of Heart & Heritage. I also run a collaboration of like minded South African designer's called Convoy. I love fine craftsmanship and the stories behind things. I also love making things, which is how I like to spend my days."

Meet Samuel

"I am a garment technician at Heart & Heritage. I love my morning cup of coffee and a perfectly sewed stitch. I assist Lesley in the construction process to ensure Heart & Heritage designs are made flawlessly."